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We have trained interior designers and decorators, furniture designers and 3D visualisers, who have gone on to have amazing careers and businesses and are changing the tides in the built industry.


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Testimony: Albedo design school was an upgrade to me, it lifted my interior spirit higher, I got more knowledge on advanced skills, the professional terms, and much exposure into the interior world both locally and internationally. It was worth the time sacrifice.

Yagana Mala Kachalla

The Albedo advanced Interior Design course has broaden and deepen my knowledge of how to transform space. It has a very rich content. I found the modules on African and sustainable designs very interesting.

Intissar Bashir Kurfi

My experience with ADS was fun, entertaining and very educational. My best part was that it was completely beginner friendly as I knew nothing about cameras at the beginning. Seeing my environment through the lens of a camera made me feel one with it.

Asma'u Oniyangi
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