Albedo Designs School

Albedo Designs School

Established since 2014, Albedo Design School is an interior design based school. It was started as a training arm by Albedo Designs Ltd to tutor persons and to offer entrepreneurial skills on the tactics and technicalities of becoming professionals in the design industry. It is currently awaiting accreditation from the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE).

Located at the heart of the Federal Capital Territory, Maitama Abuja and Lekki Lagos State. Our programs prepare people for top jobs in leading companies and organizations today, while teaching you to design with future generations in mind. Our alumni go on to some of the most desirable positions in the field, with design firms, and non-profits. Some become design researchers and many start their own businesses. The career possibilities—and your potential to make an impact on the world—are limitless.

Albedo Design School

Albedo Design School is dedicated to providing world best practices in interior design with a focus on problem solving. The high demand for effective and new methods to meet the increasing environmental, social and economic challenges is our motivation in equipping our students.

Our desire to train stems from our passion for professionalism and efficiency in the interior design industry while ensuring the personal development of each student. We draw from our wealth of experience to impact our students, from creative, inquisitive problem solving independent designers to moulding them into international brands with limitless network opportunities to top the table of certified service providers.

Albedo Design School

The School is headed by a team of certified professionals ranging from Educationists, Architects, Interior Designers and Business experts. The school is motivated by the need to revamp the economy through skill acquisition and development following a trend based on economical analysis and current economic status. Our focus is to invest in a sustainable venture that is set to empower people, impacting the economy and elevating economic status while improving the living conditions of beneficiaries.

In our heart, design is about solving problems. Businesses and institutions are embracing the value of design, and the demand for design professionals has never been greater. Organizations are actively seeking new approaches to problem solving in the face of escalating business, social, and environmental challenges. Albedo Design School offers courses in Interior Design, Computer Aided Design and Skills Acquisition in construction finishes, Home Decor and Soft Furnishing, and Art.


We are dedicated to providing world best practices in interior design with a focus on problem solving.

Our Mission

To create an interior design base with an outreach to anyone and everyone interested in acquiring the knowledge to thrive in such a field, and not just that, but also the skills to enable them make a name for themselves in the industry.

Our Vision

At Albedo Design School, we believe that distance and time constraints should not be limiting factors in achieving your goal of becoming an interior designer extraordinaire, not in this age. This is why we are set to work around those things that are standing between you and your dream. Our flexible classes will ensure that you learn at your own time and pace.

Need to train your team?

We offer flexible, cost effective, custom group/corporate trainings for your staff, team members in private and government organisations.

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