Creating a spa retreat in your own master bathroom

Creating a spa retreat in your own master bathroom

It was time to say goodbye to tacky pink sinks, grey plain shower tile which reminded you of a gym shower.

So we finally started this large project to open up the master bathroom to look spacious and light. The partition wall was removed to give room for a hot tub. Floating vanity, wall-mounted toilet, open glass shower enclosure give a feeling of free flow. We added two shower fans with lights and heaters. It feels especially nice on cooler mornings when you get out of the steam shower. The towel warmer is a nice touch which keeps your towels nice and dry. It is programmable to fit your schedule.

This tub is a real treat! It has changing lights, Ozone function gives a feeling of freshness, inline heater keeps the water warm without adding new water in the tub, which is a great benefit in our area where we have to watch out for extensive water usage. The ergonomic cushions keep you comfortable when you turn on the jets.

Instead of promised 3-4 weeks, it was a 7 week project. Approximate dimensions of the shower room are 9×15. Skylights were previously installed, it was not a part of the new construction.


Abuja Bathroom Spa Design
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